Thanks for visiting! If there is one thing we’d like you to take from your time here, it’s the understanding that YOU NEVER HAVE TO SETTLE when it comes to marketing your product or service. Whether it’s a pinpointed TV buy, a new web site or a killer billboard campaign, you really can get the quality of a marketing campaign developed in the penthouse suites of Madison Avenue. And you can get it on your terms and your budget.

For decades, the team at Griffin has been helping medium size businesses grow, finding their voice and their target audience with pinpoint accuracy. We’re confident we can help you too. So take a look around. Check out the services we provide and the work we do. Then head to the contact page and let’s start a conversation…one that will hopefully lead to a successful marketing and advertising partnership.

There’s creativity in everything we do.

Times change. Technology changes. And that’s why a good marketing agency has to adjust. So in addition to our decades of experience buying traditional media, we’ve brought on the best creative minds when it comes to digital and social media, as well as national quality design and production for all mediums.

Our goal is to give you give you full service capabilities, while keeping the emphasis on service. Now there’s a bright idea.


Griffin Media Case Studies

Here are just a few of many success stories we have to tell. Clients in vastly different areas of expertise but each with one thing in common: they partnered with Griffin to create campaigns that worked. After all, SUCCESS is what a good relationship is all about.


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