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We all know the importance of first impressions. It’s no less true about your web site than it is about your personal interactions. Of course, this first impression will be determined by the look of your site.

Potential customers will develop much of their opinion of you based on what greets them on your home page. But just as important are factors like functionality and visibility to search engines.

We’ve all been on sites that are difficult to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

OR we’ve all searched for sites that seem impossible to find through Google and other search engines. Our web experts can help you improve on your current site or design one from scratch. A site that will create a great first, second and third impression with your customer.

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Design Options

From landing pages to fully interactive online shopping center, our coders and designers deliver exactly what you’re looking for, then add features you didn’t realize you needed.

Content Aware

Our designers and developers make sure your site is search engine friendly right from the start so the digital marketing team can hit the ground running.

Built to Last

Griffin creates sites that can grow with your business. Part of that is being mobile friendly, since over half the internet searches now take place on smart phones and tablets.

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